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Computer Security Monitoring Services
There's nothing like a level playing field to ruin a hacker's day
It's the 21st century, and hackers are a fact of life. They want your money, your company's personal data, and while you have to remain vigilant 24/7/365, a hacker only has to be successful once. And all the money you spent on your amazing firewall, backing everything up to the Cloud, etc., was all for naught. You lose customers because they don't want to do business with a company that was hacked.

Prevent that sort of scenario from happening. At South Florida Cybersecurity, we offer 24/7/365 monitoring services that go above and beyond. That 3AM login on a Sunday? Is that employee really burning the midnight oil and looking for a promotion, or is it someone trying to break in... Is some kid trying to break into your wi-fi from just outside the building? Are you not sure whether that email is legitimate or a phising email? Our software detects that and more. It also patrols the network, checking for things like whether computers have been patched and updated, whether the antivirus really is working, when's the last time the computer was rebooted. We even check for things as specific as why a particular program on that one PC is hogging up so much memory. And did you know that most printers nowadays have default passwords that can easily be found online with a quick Google search? Hackers do, and they can infect the printer with malware that can turn your printer into a botnet node, a spy to monitor your network, and the list goes on. And our programs check for that.

And we're not trying to replace your regular IT  staff. Many IT technicians are very competent, they just don't have cyber security in mind when they install things like computers, printers, or even routers. They just do what they've been asked to do, then move on to the next ticket they've been assigned to do. It's their job, and we let them do their job.

Here's what you'll receive

  • World class antivirus installed on your computers from EMSISoft and BitDefender designed to stop ransomware, phishing and other attacks dead in their tracks

  • Monitoring of your PC's, network, wi-fi, peripheral devices

  • Regular reports at least once a week to notify you on the health of your systems

  • Immediate notfication if any potentially unwanted or illegal behavior does take place so it can be investigated

  • Remotely access PC's to help remove any viruses, malware, or check on a computer or other device if an alert is generated

  • Dark Web monitoring if your employees to ensure their personal data isn't being sold on the Dark Web

  • Monitoring employees accounts for password strength, frequency of password changes, and account history, and if new user accounts or profiles are suddenly added

  • Monitoring for sudden elevation in account access priviliges, such as administrative access given to the janitor

  • Monitoring access to network shared files, Cloud files, so that only those authorized can get into them

  • Monitoring attemts to access unauthorized, dangerous, or infected websites

  • Scans to see whether sensitive information like social security numbers, bank account numbers, health information (for businesses like health clinics and surgical suites) are in unsecured locations

  • Monitoring for unauthorized attempts to install potentially dangerous or illegal software, or if a thumb drive or external hard drive is plugged into machines with sensitive data

  • Monitoring for open ports on critical network devices

  • For medical businesses, we also monitor for HIPAA Compliance

  • For businesses that deal with a lot of credit card and ACH transactions, we monitor for PCI Level 2 and 3 compliance

So you may be wondering, that's an awful lot of monitoring and how much is it going to cost us? That depends. We're certainly not going to charge a mom and pop store selling lemonade and cupcakes $5,000 a month for this, nor are we going to charge a law firm with 250 staff, 300 computers, and a chips & dip budget that would make Bill Gates jealous only $100 a month. That's why we will come to you, sit down with you, see what you have, what your needs are, and then hash out a reasonable price. We not only want to make sure you're safe, we want to make sure it doesn't break the bank in the process.

So give us a call at 561-277-8347, email us at, or you can even sbmit a ticket request for monitoring at
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phone: (561) 277-8347
Offer Begins: September 21, 2018
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