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Evolve Yoga & Wellness, LLC

Evolve Yoga & Wellness, LLC


About Us

Evolve Yoga & Wellness is an inclusive, community space where you can learn about health, develop your fitness objectives, explore spiritual practices and receive support on your wellness journey—regardless of where you are today.

While yoga is a central feature of the studio and is offered for practitioners at all levels, it is integrated with our Health & Wellness Coaching (advice on lifestyle, exercise, attitude, diet), Recovery Spa (infrared saunas and cold plunge pools), and Nutrition Kitchen, where we teach and prepare natural, healthy foods. Evolve is a soothing oasis for meditation, discovery and movement…a place where you can congregate with like-minded humans.

We offer classes suited for both beginner and seasoned yogis. Many of our offerings are rooted in the vinyasa tradition, which improves cardiovascular function, strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and reduces stress. Evolve also provides restorative and meditative options for practitioners seeking deep relaxation.

Recovery Spa
Enhance your health with Evolve’s infrared saunas and cold plunge pools. These recovery tools provide relief from strenuous activity and chronic pain, and when used regularly, boost immunity, increase overall well-being and provide a deep state of relaxation.

Health & Wellness Coaching
In today’s fast-paced world, people are challenged to create a healthy and balanced way of life. Evolve offers a number of health and wellness services that provide crucial guidance and support.

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