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Nonprofits First



About Us

Nonprofits First's mission is to empower nonprofit causes to achieve their missions with exceptional performance and results, with the vision of a community where nonprofits achieve their highest level of desired impact. The organization was established by a coalition of public and private funders in 2005 to strengthen the cause community, Nonprofits First remains the leader in providing resources that increase the operational capacity and impact of nonprofit organizations. Guided by experienced professionals, consultants and volunteers, Nonprofits First transforms organizations by maximizing their capacity to deliver services that make a measurable difference through Accreditation, Education and Professional Development, Membership, Leadership Training and Growth, and Management Support Services.

Now more than ever, Nonprofits First is focused on our higher purpose – shaping a clear vision for the future of nonprofit business and our role in advancing it. Our newly adopted mission, vision and core values are just the beginning of an evolution as we step up and set the standard for community impact organizations to fulfill their missions and produce the metrics for positive growth and change in Palm Beach County and beyond.

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