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About Us

NovaGenix Anti-Aging Clinic offers Testosterone Replacement Therapy, known as TRT for men with Low-T. We help men with suspected andropause or hypogonadism get blood work to test hormone levels. Patients who begin testosterone therapy may receive creams, gels or injections as well as other medications such as an AI like anastrozole or hCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) to improve overall health and wellness by optimizing hormone levels. Our physician, Dr. Mackey is licensed and certified in ant-aging medicine and has extensive experience in hormone replacement therapy and certification in growth hormone releasing peptide therapies as well. For patients experience low t and erectile dysfunction, we have several ED/PE treatment options available. For women who are going through hormonal cycle changes, we bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. In addition to alleviating the symptoms of Low Testosterone and Menopause, hormone replacement can also aid in the anti-aging proceftess, improve your memory and mood, improve your sex drive and performance and create an overall sense of well-being. Whether estrogen or progesterone replacement is right for you, we can help. We also offer medically supervised weight loss programs to lose fat and improve your heath.
We also treat patients with Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for orthopedic injuries and cosmetic PRP procedures for hair loss and facial rejuvenation. We use the body's own natural healing regenerative cells, platelets, growth factors and cytokines to help initiate the body to start cellular repair.

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