TheSoundWell to give a presentation at the 8th International Conference on Neurology and Brain Disorders

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September 12, 2018
TheSoundWell to give a presentation at the
8th International Conference on
Neurology and Brain Disorders
September 21-22, 2018 | Philadelphia, USA
Press Release – September 12, 2018
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, September 12, 2018–
Avigail Berg-Panitz, founder and CEO of TheSoundWell was invited to give a presentation at the conference.
Title: Implementing harmonic low sound frequencies as generic therapeutic modality and self-help tool to increase life quality to people with chronic diseases and disabilities.
Vibroacoustic therapy is a generic whole inner body massage of harmonic low sound frequencies in the range between 30Hz_120Hz. This is a wellness integrative platform invented by Olav Skille (Norway/Finland). The impact of sound vibrations begins in mother’s Amniotic fluid's womb. These vibrations helped us develop physically and mentally. How does it work: The body is a skin sack filled with 60 % watery substances. Sound travels through water better then air. All cells and molecules inside the sack are put in motion. When we speak or sing, we produce sounds, and the vibrations from these sounds can be felt when we place our hands on the chest, back, or the top of the skull. This is inner body jogging, Thus, organs in the body, which we cannot be reached by traditional methods, such as nerves, lungs, heart, deep-lying blood vessels, and brain tissue -- will be react when they are exposed to sound vibrations. The same kinds of vibrations are transferred to the body during vibroacoustic therapy sessions. Vibroacoustic therapy with its inner body jogging, acts as an “explosive remover” and pushes fight-flight-freeze to dissolve and disappear in harmonic and calming way. This is very similar to what happens when we exercise. Families with members who have disabilities and chronic diseases and care givers themselves, may benefit for adding Vibroacoustic therapy mat. In addition any integrative and holistic clinics may find Vibroacoustic therapy beneficial to reduce pain, stress, insomnia and anxiety before, during or after their main, modality.
Avigail Berg-Panitz has completed her MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University in 2006. Since her thesis “Calmness On Demand” Avigail who is also a life coach and meditation facilitator is passionate to offer generic therapeutic modalities and self-help tools to enable dynamic mental and physical balance which is the basis to maintain better health, wellness and wellbeing. Olav Skille – the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy mentored Avigail for over three years personally on Skype and in one on one sessions in Norway and Finland. Avigail is the owner of TheSoudnWell – the original vibroacoustic therapy.
Session name/ number: Category: Oral and experiential  presentation
Avigail Berg-Panitz, CEO
(914) 433-2849

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