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August 02, 2018
South Florida Cybersecurity Investigations offer penetration tests to companies concerned with the security of their systems and data. Hackers are out there and they would love nothing more than to get their hands on your customer's personal, financial, health, or other data, to sell on the dark web, or your own financial data to drain your accounts dry of all your company's hard earned money. If you think you're not going to get hit, remember, according to the FBI, 87% of all data breaches and online financial crimes were committed against small businesses, and many were unaware of it even occurring until months later. The average data breach costs a comapny almost $2 million, not only on damages, but lost business, overtime in reparing systems, and losing revenue because customers no longer want to do business with you. Most businesses don't recover...

When we do our tests, we literally fight fire with fire, in that we ourselves are Certified Ethical Hackers, using the same tricks, software, hardware and tactics as real hackers to find all the vulnerabilities and waknesses in your systems, including the Human element, then provide you with a comprehensive report, in which we not only tell you what we found, but how to fix it, so that you're no longer the "low hanging fruit". In fact, more and more insurance companies are offering Cyber Insurance, and require third party testing in order to maintain the insurance.

If you're a company that deals with customer's personal, health, financial data, or you deal with high value items, have sensitive information, call us immediately at (561) 277-8347 or send an email at
Paul Debogorski, Owner & President
(561) 277-8347

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