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Care Coordination Services Consultant

Posted: 02/09/2023


1. Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with families and with community resources, including medical, mental health, and substance abuse professionals, child welfare personnel, Juvenile Justice personnel, lawyers, therapists, law enforcement staff, school officials, neighbors, and religious and youth organization representatives.

2. Providing assessment to determine program eligibility, problem areas and areas of strength.

3. Maintaining current knowledge of available formal services, resources, and supports in the local community. Identifying needed services and linking youth to services.

4. Identifying informal supports and assisting youth and family members to access these supports.

5. Monitoring linked services, resources and supports in order to ensure quality of care.

6. Acting as a youth and family advocate and empowering youth and family members to advocate for themselves in the community.

7. Assisting youth and family members in building on their spiritual and religious beliefs or practices as a source of strength to reach their goals.

8. Preparing and submitting reports concerning caseload status, budget requests, and changes in service plans, and any unusual incidents that occur in the operation of the program.

9. Reporting any critical incidents involving youth, family members, or staff according to standard reporting guidelines.

10. Preparing proper documentation including case notes, assessments, service plans, outcome measures, narratives, and reports in a timely manner as defined by the program.

11. Ensuring compliance with all contractual, regulatory, program, and accrediting body standards.

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