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Calling Palm Beach Animal Lovers! Safari Bob’s endangered twin Lemurs to make their public debut at Mandalay Farms Fundraiser.

  Mandalay Farms is a private oasis where you can interact and connect with a variety of animal ambassadors in a tranquil atmosphere. They specialize in facilitating unforgettable memories and experiences that promote the human-animal bond. A visit to Mandalay Farms is your family’s opportunity to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature and family. 

Your support of Mandalay Farms also supports the Mandalay Farms Zoological Society which is their way of giving back to at risk youth and individuals with special needs.

   Elizabeth Felton, the creator of Safari Bob's  Fell in love with exotics at a young age watching the big cats perform with Gunther Gabel Williams at the Ringling Circus. She has maintained a variety of exotic species privately and greatly enjoys sharing that passion with the public. Felton states,"We understand the importance of creating an up close connection with animals in order for people to care about preserving

their wild counterparts. Our unique approach to exhibits allows our guests to not only see our animals but interact with them. Learning about the species *and*  the animals as individuals.”  Felton hopes sharing her passion at this event will help bring funding needed for Karin to fulfill her vision.


Tickets are limited for this small upscale event. Tickets for this magical can be purchased through the Mandalay farms website or on events link.

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