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News Release: - Tom Carney Candidate for Mayor of Delray Beach Palm Beach Post endorsement 2/9/2024


I'm thrilled to announce that The Palm Beach Post has officially endorsed my candidacy for Mayor.
"The Post recommends voters choose Carney for the city’s top job. A former mayor and commissioner, the 69-year-old attorney and principal of a title insurance company is knowledgeable enough on city budgets, public finance and tax exempt bond financing to provide direction in overseeing city spending and monitoring the city’s ongoing water treatment plant, 8police headquarters, fire station and park improvements projects. If elected, he would work to reduce taxes, assess the availability of affordable and workforce housing in the city and push to curb downtown noise and traffic congestion." - Palm Beach Post, February 5, 2024
They’ve hit the nail on the head– experience matters and fiscal stewardship is the real focus of this election. I am honored that The Post believes that I am best equipped to rein in spending and steer our city in the right direction. 

Additionally, they recognize my unwavering commitment to addressing affordability in Delray. Count on me to slash taxes and increase access to affordable housing.
Thank you for your support!
Tom Carney
Former Mayor of Delray Beach
Candidate for Mayor

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