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Conviva Care Solutions, LLC



About Us

Primary Care for Seniors Committed to Aging Well

Conviva Care Solutions is a management services organization representing nearly 300 physician practices, 800 clinicians, and 300,000 patients across the states of Texas and Florida. We help physicians and care teams, provider groups and integrated delivery systems shift from a health care system built on treatment transactions to a value-based model built on better outcomes for patients who are more engaged in their own care.

Our success is measured with our patients' clinical outcomes and long term health. We best accomplish this success by forming a strong relationship with each patient as an individual, so we understand them along with their individualized health needs.

This relationship and understanding between patient and physician enables our approach to focus on lifestyle and prevention and allows our patients to maximize the time they spend focusing on their health, in and out of a clinical setting, to help them live their lives fully.

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