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Port of Palm Beach District



About Us

A strong economic engine for Palm Beach County, the Port of Palm Beach is a catalyst for private sector growth in both trade and tourism.
The Port of Palm Beach and its tenants combine to be one of the larger employers in Palm Beach County and is an economic engine for the County. Approximately 2,850 people are employed directly and indirectly because of the Port The Port and its tenants contribute $260 million in business revenue and $12 million in State and Federal taxes.
While the Port of Palm Beach is a special taxing district under the State of Florida, Board has not levied taxes against the citizens of the district since 1975.
The Port of Palm Beach is the 4th busiest container port of Florida's 14 deep-water ports, and it is one of the top 20 busiest container ports in the United States. Over $7 billion worth of commodities moves through the port each year.
Unlike most ports in the U.S., the Port of Palm Beach is an export port, with approximately 80% of its cargo being exported. The Port of Palm Beach supplies 65% of everything consumed in the Bahamas and is an essential lifeline to the rest of the Caribbean.


Port of Palm Beach Executive Director
Category: Executive Management (CEO, COO, etc)
The Port of Palm Beach Commission is recruiting for an Executive Director, with a demonstrated record of experience in Port management, which includes overseeing all operations, functions and activities, as well as tenant oversight and management, within the Port of Palm Beach. The governing body of the Port is known, and designated as, the “Board of Commissioners of the Port of Palm Beach more
Phone:(561) 383-4100

Rep/Contact Info

Commissioner Joseph Anderson
Blair Ciklin
Dr. Jean L. Enright
Jarra Kaczwara
Senior Director of Business Development
Katherine Waldron

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