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Stretch Zone West Palm Beach



About Us

Stretch Zone practitioners work with the stretch reflex and some lesser known but extremely powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior. Utilizing our patent pending equipment, our stretch practitioners follow specific methods and protocols to properly position, stabilize, isolate and manipulate muscles in a scientific way. When your body is correctly stabilized, fear is reduced. Your body is better able to relax and allow for the full stretch. The great benefit of Stretch Zone’s practitioner assisted stretching is the ability to control and alter the timing of and even overcome the stretch reflex.

Consider how a car seat belt works. If pulled too quickly, the belt locks. If the belt is forced at this point, you are just stretching the material itself and this is where injury occurs. However, if a car seat belt is pulled smoothly and controlled, the belt will fully extend.

Traditional stretching methods attempt to make you more “flexible” or “elastic”. However, the Stretch Zone Method® works by increasing your active range of motion and the quality of those movements.

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Ryan Snyder

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