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Suits For Seniors



About Us

We mentor and train at-risk youth by providing them education on economic mobility, life skills, and entrepreneurship. Most importantly, we suit up leaders for lifelong success.

OUR Vision
Build the next generation of leaders who live with purpose, self confidence, and the mindset to help change the world.

At Suits for Seniors, we want to help the youth break the social chains that bind them, and enable them to ultimately live independent and sustainable livelihoods. With a focus on High School Seniors, we bring them into education and mentoring initiatives that better equip them to charter their own paths, and become leaders in those paths they choose. The education is offered through an 8-week program that in general, provides foundational awareness of the intricate issues as they transition through life. We seek to help these young people navigate the trials common in their lives and celebrate the accomplishments of overcoming them.

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